Computer Gamer

Chicken Chase
By Bug Byte
Atari 400/800/XL/XE

Published in Computer Gamer #22

Chicken Chase

This game was released a few years ago and is now getting a new lease of life under the APS re-release/budget label Bug-Byte. The aim of the game is very simple - you play a rooster in charge of a busy hen house producing eggs.

Preventing you doing this are various egg stealing creatures such as hedgehogs and rats which you have to keep at bay. You also have to keep your strength up by eating the grain and worms that appear from time to time.

Eventually the eggs will hatch and you will have to herd your little chicks into the hen house. That's as far as the game goes. Simple, effective and original. The graphics are adequate and there's a bit of sound too, the sort of game you'd like to play when you've got bored with all your other complex samey games and want a quickie that's a bit different.

The game is also very humorous - when your performance isn't satisfactory you get bashed on the head by one of your 'wives' with a rolling pin and this jolly theme is continued throughout the game with the antics and animation of all the on-screen characters.

On the whole, this is a very enjoyable game that is thoroughly original, which in this time of the 93rd version of Pac-man (see Crystal Castles reviews!) is refreshing indeed.