Challengers (Ubisoft) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By Ubisoft
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #70


The first of two Ubi Soft compilations is a fairly sporty one with Fighter Bomber (63%) being the lone exception. Activision's flight sim is spoilt by its sluggishness, considerably reducing the excitement of combat. Nevertheless, these's some attractive external views of the plane, and eight missions to attempt.

Next on court is Ubi Soft's own Pro Tennis Tour (82%), one of several tennis sims released last summer. Hitting the ball is initially very difficult as you have to accurately position your player and time your swing to near perfection, but an excellent practice option lets you hit balls through out by a machine. Once hitting is mastered, play is enjoyable although rallies tend to be short.

Overall, it's a pretty good version of the sport with a two-player mode and four international tournaments.

Anco's disappointing Kick Off (37%) bears little resemblance to the Amiga original - the pitch even scrolls horizontally instead of vertically! With the lack of a radar screen and the inability to pass accurately, play is reduced to blasting the ball up (or rather across!) the field. Further embarrassment is caused by horrendous sprite flicker.

MicroStyle's Stunt Car Racer (94%) was written by 'legend in his own time' Geoff Crammond. Somehow he managed to overcome one of the C64's few weaknesses and do fast, filled-in 3D for this exhilarating race game. You compete against one of several computer opponents, rorating around rollercoaster-like tracks - some of them with huge chasms to jump over.

The aim is to beat your opponent to earn points in your three-man division: overall, there are four divisions plus a superdivision for only the best drivers. Extensive options allow you to save your game position and lap records, and practise any of the tracks. Sheer brilliance.

Finally, Superski is an obscure Microids title which was never reviewed in Zzap! - we've never seen it.


Apart from the incredible Stunt Car Racer, there's nothing very special here. And a compilation's not worth buying for one game alone.


The Amiga versions of both Fighter Bomber (90%) and Kick Off (96%) are excellent, while Stunt Car Racer (94%) and Pro Tennis Tour (88%) are as good as their C64 counterparts. A good value for money package.