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Big K

Cave Fighter
By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Big K #10

Cave Fighter

To hell with the pack description, let's have a realistic summary of what's going on at screen level. A flea runs through tunnels killing psychiatrists' ink-blot tests with a pea-shooter. This, in the lingo, reserved solely for manufacturers of games, means "an all-action, all-jumping game" with "sixteen aliens" to wipe from the face of the earth, with a pea-shooter.

The action starts in a cave with a rope dangling over the head of our man. You make him jump onto the rope with one of his - gasp, shock, horror, probe - five jumping levels. He smashes his brains to bits on the outcrop overhead and dies an insipid death. There are thirty-one screens in all, each almost identical, bar a few minor details, and each filled with an ever-increasing collection of beasts, baddies and splodges of hardened porridge, all, as one might expect, lethal.

And so, this miniscule character runs around his caverns, sliding up and down ropes, dodging and demolishing mean creatures until such time as he gets stomped on.

If it wasn't for the rather poor graphics this would be a good game. It's difficult to get excited about a pair of pixels, even if they are involved in a do-or-die situation with another pair of pixels. What we really need is great fat monsters chasing after a real hero who can smash down walls with his tongue.