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Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back
By Palace
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #15

Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back

Remember Cauldron, a cross between Defender with a Witch and Manic Miner? Well, she is returning. In the first game you played the good witch, out to destroy the evil pumpkin. The game consisted of left, right, scrolling Defender-type action with spell zapping, and underground problem solving. Complete all this and the pumpkin dies - but the little pumpkin lives on - to fight another day?

Yes, the little pumpkin has his revenge. As the years pass, the witch turns evil and her rule upsets everybody, VAT is up to 22.7% and a pint of beer costs £1.47 - so the assemble masses are not pleased, but, up steps a hero - the little pumpkin, he will save them, or can he?

The game stars you as a bouncing pumpkin in a maze of rooms. These are in the castle that the witch has constructed for herself - that looks suspiciously like the Palace Software logo. Certain objects are needed to cast the spell that would banish the evil witch for ever.

To this end you need to explore the castle to get them, including avoiding the witch, who is asleep, and then find the mystic black cauldron to cast the spell.

The puzzles are quite good and the graphics are up to Palace's usual standards as is the music, which sets the scene perfectly.

The detail is also impressive, the throne isn't just treated as an object, but as a throne, so you can actually bounce off the arms and into the throne proper. The dipping gargoyles are also a nice touch and add a bit of difficulty.

On the whole I think that Palace have come up with a worthy successor to Cauldron that should keep ladders-and-platforms-people amused for weeks or months.