Computer Gamer

Castles And Kingdoms

Author: Jane Naylor
Publisher: Virgin Games
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Castles And Kingdoms

This book is from the same publishers as the last one, yet it is a completely different kettle of fish and to be much more highly recommended.

For a start, it's better value for money. You get, for twice the price, about four times the amount of listings, nearly three times the number of games and much better quality paper, print and appearance.

The idea here is of a major theme - adventures in the mythical kingdom of Graylockland - divided into fifteen smaller themes, each making up an adventure game in its own right. For example, in Thunder Mountain Passage you are set the problem of making your way across a particularly nasty stretch of high mountain trail to reach Northstar Castle.

The Castle then features in another adventure where the player has to make their way through its murky chambers and dungeons to rescue a damsel in distress.

The outstanding thing about this book is its atmosphere. The stories introducing each adventure are quite fully told and could be made into a good book in their own right.

The world of Graylockland is full of menace and danger, but also beauty and light - I'm sure you will be entralled before you have turned the second page.

Jane Naylor