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Castle Assault
By Blue Ribbon
Acorn Electron

Published in Home Computing Weekly #126

A glittering reward awaits the intrepid who reach the top of the heavily defended towering turrets of this forbidding fortress. On your quest for gold, you will be assailed by menacing crabs, snakes, lobsters, spiders, bugs and beetles. Watch out for the' deadly flying duck and avoid the falling rocks... and so the preamble on the inlay card goes on. Unlike many similar blurbs, this one actually depicts the game rather well.

Basically you control a very well animated multi-coloured character who jumps over the bouncing meanies and onto moving platforms in order to get to the - top of the screen whilst avoiding falling rocks and the deadly flying duck.

The graphics in this game are very good. The characters move smoothly and quickly without disturbing the detailed background graphics - good enough to make you think the Beeb had hardware sprites! The characters themselves are colourful and well defined. The sound effects are also well done, especially the quacks of the flying duck which leisurely crosses the screen flapping its wings! All the usual extra features such as freeze, sound onloff, hall of fame and a neat title page, are there.

The game is fun, challenging and professionally presented. It may not be quite up to the standard of some of the recent Acornsoft, Imagine and Ultimate releases but what gives this game its rating is its price. A first class game sold at the price of a budget game, but don't forget, this game was originally available from MRM software.


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