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Home Computing Weekly

Captain Starlight
By Romik
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

This is one for those with a delicate touch, fast finger on the fire button, perfect judgement and nerves of steel. Lesser mortals can play too.

As Captain Starlight, complete with jet back, you shoot your way through the maze of the enemy's underground fortress and find and destroy its commander. Apart from keeping clear of the cavern walls, there are space mines drifting around, and contact with either loses one of your 10 lives.

The mines float from left to right and back, but each time you enter a cavern their positions vary, so it's no good trying to find a set route. Even having shot up the mines, you still have to set the code on the control pad to deactivate the forcefield before you can move on to the next cavern.

In concept, it is a cross between Crazy Balloon and Scramble, with a touch of originality. One niggle, there are 20 entries on the high score chart, but only the score, not the scorer's name is shown. Overall - a good game, but not special enough to make the top ten.