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Amstrad Action

By The Hit Squad
Amstrad CPC464/664/6128

Published in Amstrad Action #73


Live dangerously, as Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche said in 1900 before he fell off a cliff. Well, gefahrlich leben, actually, because he was German. It's certainly advice which our hero (let's call him Thomas) seems to have taken to heart in this Operation Wolf style shoot-'em-up.

Not for old Tommy any of this hiding behind crates or lying in trenches nonsense. No way Josephine, old Tom is harder than a concrete caravan, and presumably also a few chimps short of a tea party. He insists on standing out in the open, with only a pistol and a few grenades for company, facing more troops, tanks, helicopters and oncoming bullets than you could shake a tree at.

Why? Whatever could drive a man to such foolish feats of bravado? Has someone killed his brother? Kidnapped his kids? Spilt his pint? Er... no. Apparently somebody asked him if he'd mind being dropped in enemy territory, while everyone else popped off to the Bahamas for a holiday. "No problem," said Thomas. What a berk, eh? Cabal sets no place at its table either for Mr. Plot or Mr. Tactics.

Firing Squad

What you're faced with is sixteen screens of simple shooting gallery action that is frantic, not just with a capital 'f' but with a capital everything. You move left and right along the bottom of the screen, holding down Fire to move your gun sights and mow down the enemy - collect the weapons they absent-mindedly throw at you to increase your artillery.

Crisp, if rather infantile, graphics and standard bang-bang sounds frame a game that, whilst lacking in depth, is certainly good to keep handy for a few minutes' mindless blasting every now and then. It's unlikely to keep you up all night, though, the way that indigestion can.


Overall 62%
Enjoyable and hectic, if rather shallow and samey, shoot-'em-up.

Adam Peters