Buzz Off
By Electric

Published in Computer & Video Games #39

Buzz Off

If Buzz Off represents the level of MSX software then I don't think this Japanese standard is going to take off.

You are in control of one Bertie, the bumble bee, who likes eating fruit. You have to guide him round the Enchanted Orchard where he can eat the food which appears.

Each time he eats something though, a section of a spider's web appears. Bumping into it will lose poor Bertie a life, and a huge spider will descend and cart him away.

You have to avoid the sides of the screen too.

The game is controlled with either the cursor keys or a joystick, and passing over a fruit will let Bertie eat it.

If Bertie can eat enough, he can get to the spider's private larger where he can eat the magical golden fruit.

There are ten levels to the game, with a choice of nine options at the start. Selecting 1 to 8 will let you play at the chosen leven, while selecting 9 will play the "real" game by starting you at level 1 and progressing up a level each time you clear a screen.

The graphics are dull, Bertie's wings flap but otherwise there's not much movement.

An irritating little tune plays all through the game, and will probably get on your nerves.

There's nothing special about Buzz Off, and certainly it's not up to the standard we were shown when the MSX machines were launched late last year.