Computer Gamer

Bump, Set, Spike

Publisher: Entertainment USA
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer Gamer #14

Bump, Set, Spike

Volleyball is the latest sport to be computerised in this one or two player game.

Each side has two players who have up to three touches to get the ballover the net and into the opponent's court.

Pressing the fire button swaps control between your two players who you then try to move into a point winning position.

Bump Set Spike

The skill enters the game when you try to combine your players to produce the Bump, Set, Spie moves of the title. These, if they work, can leave your opponent's dead but unfortunately they can easily go wrong.

When you start playing, it's a challenge just to hit the ball even though a large cross appears to mark the spot on the court where it will land; soon you'll begin to build up moves and you may even score a point!

The game can be played at nine different speeds ranging from difficult to impossible either indoors or on a beach. However, this has so many distractions such as a radio, a background guaranteed to make you cross-eyed and even a water skier that it's strictly for the experts.

A marvellous little game that makes a welcome break from the standard tennis games.