Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge

Publisher: Martech
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in Computer & Video Games #44

Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge

Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge must be the first sports simulation where thrashing madly about with the joystick doesn't always get you anywhere!

Martech's new game - which follows the Decathlon/Hypersports style - includes a new feature on the C64 version called Powersync.

This means that you have to follow closely the action on the screen and gradually build up the power levels as you swim or run - just like real life.

Brian Jacks' Superstar Challenge

The game challenges you to beat Brian Jacks over a series of eight events. These are canoeing, cycling, archery, football, 100 metre sprint, squat thrusts and arm dips.

Perhaps surprisingly, I found the graphics on the Spectrum version better than the C64 - they have a slightly more "finished" look about them. But gameplay on both versions is great fun. You'll soon find yourself hooked on trying to beat the computerised Superstar champ.

A worthy successor to Daley's Decathlon for all armchair shorts fans. The game demands a great deal of tactical thinking as well as stamina and, of course, a tough joystick!