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Computer Gamer

By Bubble Bus
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #11


It was your own fault for entering the tunnel in the first place. But then again, how were you to know that it was a warp tunnel and that you would end up being sucked into Professor Brainstorm's castle.

Brainstorm is the title of a new budget arcade adventure from Bubble Bus. You play Robin Banks and you must try and escape from the aforementioned castle. As there are six hundred and fifty screens of mazes, passages and locked doors, this is going to be none too easy, especially as you have the clones to contend with.

These little nasties in the shape of wheels, pterodactyls and carnivorous fish are hell-bent on stopping you but you can blast them to your heart's content.

The locked doors are colour-coded and you need to find the appropriate key before you can pass through. You can only carry three keys at a time however and so you have to work out which ones you no longer need. A nice touch is that the keys, as well as being different colours, are also different shapes to further add to the complication. Some careful mapping will be needed if you are to get very far.

You have two indicators, damage and energy. Damage can be repaired, but only at the expense of energy. Extra packs of energy can be found lying about. There are also many other items to be collected en route.

Brainstorm is everything a budget game should be, bright, colourful and fun to play. My only quibble is that it is too easy to get killed. Another couple of lives or less damage sustained on collision with a clone would have been better.