ZX Computing


Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #38


Brainache's done it again. He's left all his mining equipment in the Stella mines and now he's got to back, and get it, urged on by the rest of the crew's laughter. This time he's determined to show them all how clever he really is and decides to delve deeper into the mines and search for the fabled Anastasie diamond.

Although the game features the most stunning backgrounds you are likely to see in a budget game, the game itself is awful. Our hero is little more than a stick man that smudges badly into the background as do all the flying, crawling and plant-like nasties that are out to get you. Hidden in the ground are the platforms and slopes that you can walk on and plummet off as the screen jerks and shakes in its attempt to scroll. Forget Brainache, this one's just a pain.