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BMX Simulator
By Codemasters
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #20

BMX Simulator

BMX riding is one of the biggest crazes to appear in recent years. There have been BMX songs, films, books, comics, clothes... you name it, someone has BMXed it. Now, Code Masters have produced a computer simulation of BMX riding: BMX Simulator, featuring seven increasingly difficult courses and a two player option.

Each track is shown from above and features ramps, burms, bumps and an assortment of other obstacles. Two cyclists appear on the starting ramp and a countdown announces the start of the race. Holding down the fire button turns the pedals; to brake, you simply release the fire button. Moving the joystick left or right rotates the bike, effectively steering it.

To finish a race you must complete three laps within an allotted time limit. If you manage to complete a course, you are given a score (the faster you go, the bigger your score) and automatically placed on the starting grid of the next course. Failure to complete a course means disqualification, so you can't progress to the next track.

An 'action replay' feature is thoughtfully provided, so once you have completed a course you can relive any particularly hairy moments all over again.


BMX Simulator is fun and surprisingly compelling. It's one of those games that originally strikes you as being ineffective, but on further investigation it grows on you. I'm quite happy with the graphics and the superb sound really takes the biscuit. For only two quid, BMX Simulator is well worth having a look at.


This is a very simple race game with little variety but plenty of playabliity. It's well presented (lots of useful options), graphically competent (the backdrops are pretty, but the sprites are a bit iffy) and features decent music and adequate spot FX. As budget titles go, this is one of the best I've seen and played. BMX Simulator is two quid well spent.


This is a bit like a scaled down version of the arcade game Super Sprint III. Though limited in scope, it's still pretty good fun - especially with two players battling it out against each other. The graphics are really great with colour effectively used to display the aerial view of the track. The sound is another good feature with a thumping good David Whittaker tune on the title screen - It's a shame it gets cut short by the demo mode. There are plenty of options, and overall the game is slick and well polished.

If you've got a couple of quid burning a hole in your pocket, there are many worse things to spend it on.


Presentation 83%
One or two player options, action replay and even slow motion.

Graphics 84%
Effective bas-relief backdrops and dull sprites.

Sound 91%
Great Whittaker soundtrack and ditties.

Hookability 84%
As easy to get into as falling off a bike.

Lastability 81%
The computer opponent is tough, and the two player options maintains the initial interest.

Value For Money 90%
A mere two quid for a great little racing game.

Overall 83%
A must for BMX fans and worthy of a look if you're too old for the real thing.