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Blue Ribbon Games Disk 2
By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 3.01

Blue Ribbon Games Disk 2

Did you know that Blue Ribbon had taken over the MRM catalogue of BBC games? You do now. The old Grimsby outfit debuted on Micronet and went on to produce a great set of cheap arcade games before the advent of true 'budget' software in the £1.99-£2.95 class.

To bring them up to date a bit, Blue Ribbon have packaged five games on a single disc for Model B with discs or Model B+, except that you can't !BOOT the disc on a B+! Problems on Solidisc DDOS as well. Never mind, just keep CHAINing the menu and away we go...

They are old, these games, not in the top league but with a certain rugged charm. The graphics are robust, the sprites fun, movement smooth, sound bold and brassy, lots of trills and beeps, two second tunes and "oh dear, you died" noises.

Darts is a good game with all the pub options. You'd have to drink quite a bit for your hard to shake as much as the sight does in this game! But fun and two player if you wish.

The rest, Diamond Mine, Screwball, Q-Man's Brother and Guy In The Hat (great names), display a certain similarity, a grid of varying shapes, your sprite bouncing from block to block and the nasties aiming to jump onto the same one at the same time. Interest wanes. Diamond Mine is a bit different but no more exciting.

I'm afraid the repackaging job can't conceal the fact that the games here are a bit long in the tooth. If you've got some under tens to keep happy then this collection would probably do. Fondly remembered but now replaced by more ambitious and exciting games.

Anne Owen

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