Blade Runner
Commodore 64

Published in Computer & Video Games #52

Blade Runner

Terrific music. Shame about the game. That just about sums up CRL's brave attempt to turn the classic Blade Runner movie into a computer game.

Which probably explains why they call the game an "intrepreation of the film score by Vangelis" (?!). Licence, what licence?

Anyway, what you get once the game has loaded is a Ghostbusters-style game. The basic idea is to track down rebel replidroids in your hover car and terminate them.

Blade Runner

Like in Ghostbusters, you get a plan view of the city to move your bounty hunder's craft around on - except this has more than one screen area to move around on. You also see a large scale "map" for the rest of the city which indicates just where the replidroids are hiding out.

You must use the large scale map to move to the sector inhabited by a droid - represented by a flashing square - make contact with it. Then it's onto the scrolling chase scene.

Your craft lands and a large white figure gets out. That's your bounty hunter. He has to chase along the city streets packed with awkward pedestrians to gun down the droid. Running into pedestrians and killing them is a crime "pedestricide" would you believe! You'll be penalised for commiting it. You have to dodge the crowds - but don't stay in the road too long otherwise you'll get run down by a speeding C5!

Blade Runner

The graphics are pretty crude. Although the white running figures in the street section of the game are quite effective. The backgrounds in this part of the game are nice too.

Not a great follow-up to the epic Tau Ceti for CRL and a waste of a good idea.

Maybe Blade Runner would work as a budget product - but at nearly £9 you can spend it wisely elsewhere.