Beatcha (Enterprise Programs) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Enterprise Programs

Published in Home Computing Weekly #124

Enterprise appear to be relaxing their policy of only choosing conversions of well-known programs. This appears to be a new game and utilises the Enterprises's good graphics reasonably well.

The game has a scholastic setting. You are a pupil at Qange Hill (sic) and are attempting to avoid the teachers for what reason we do not know. You must move through the maze of classrooms trying to collect all the keys to the classrooms. Once you have all the keys you can leave school through the main exit. I was a little surprised to note that I started the game with the grand total of 26 lives plus I could add an extra life for every key collected. However, as you play the game you appreciate that you are bound to be caught a number of times.

Your score is based on a variety of factors; the number of keys collected, the number of lives left, the number of moves made and the number of times that you fire your lone weapon, a teacher stunner. This weapon is expensive costing a penalty of 250 points for each firing made.

The game is quite an enjoyable one though hardly original. It has similarities to most "maze of rooms" games. One thing that did spoil the game a fraction was occasionally when you were in a room with a large number of teachers, you became trapped. There's nothing wrong with this, but instead of the program realising this and killing you off, it waits for you to press the Quit key.