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Home Computing Weekly

BBC Basic & BBC Advanced Basic Courses
By Honeyfold
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

Two courses, part of the Dr. Watson series, comprise a book and a tape. They have the same author and are meant to be seen as stages in a single course, so much so that the books have common indexes and appendices. This is unfortunate for the purchaser of both, as they are paying for more than 40 duplicated pages.

The tapes contain copies of the programs used to emphasise the text, in their final working form and this might give you an idea of the type of books these are, i.e. made up of highly detailed program notes leading up to the finished product.

Having said that they are not really BBC specialist books, in that early part of the books could have been for any machine and doesn't really use the BBC's special features, I am particularly surprised by the way GOTO is introduced very early in the text and PROCedure very late. These are not the best books I have seen for the learner, I'm afraid.


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