Amstrad Action

Battlefield Germany

Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: PSS
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #11

Battlefield Germany

Dedicated wargamers have had a fairly lean time on the Amstrad, with few good titles available except the PSS programs that make compromises to arcade games in order to attract a wider market. However, this simulation of a NATO-Warsaw Pact conflict in Europe is likely to appeal to out and out strategists and people looking for a little more complexity than in the PSS games.

The battle takes place on a map of Europe split up into hexagons and stretching from the east of France to the west of Poland. The Nato and Pact forces initially face each other across the East-West Ger-man border where the fighting begins. The screen can only show part of the whole map at once, but a miniaturised one in the top right of the screen shows the general distribution of forces.

The player can control either the Nato or Pact forces against the computer or another player, but a nuclear option is only available in the two player game. Each player has three phases to a turn: supply phase - to units within supply lines, nuclear phase - where dangerous escalation can take place, and action phase - where units are moved and conventional attacks take place.

Battlefield Germany

Units have a number of factors affecting their ability including supply level, combat strength, efficiency and fatigue. These need to be studied before attacking. Air support is also available but you need to allocate it carefully. The terrain affects movement and combat as well so that a lot of skill, organisation and strategic sense is needed to do well.

The game takes place over 6 or 12 turns and takes a fair while to complete but can be saved. Victory is achieved through capturing enemy cities and towns to get victory points. The computer plays a good game as either Nato or Pact but as ever a human opponent will provide more surprises and unpredictability. An excellent game for those who want some depth, strategy and tactics in a game.

Please note that currently the game is only available direct from the author at Cybercom Enterprises, 16 Egdon Drive, Mexley, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1TY. Let's hope a distribution deal is soon tied up as it's a good product.

Second Opinion

Battlefield Germany

All too often, computer wargames are poorly implemented and weak on strategy. This game is neither - it's well presented, has real depth and can really get quite addictive.

Green Screen View

The overall map's very difficult to use without colour, I'm afraid.

Good News

P. Good map layouts and use of colour.
P. Always plenty of things to do and decisions to make.
P. A good strategic and tactical mind is needed.
P. Well thought out implementation that makes good use of the computer.

Bad News

N. War games never do appeal to a mass market.
N. You may think the subject matter unsuitable for a game.

Bob Wade

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