Total Game Boy

Batman Of The Future: Chaos In Gotham City

Publisher: Ubisoft
Machine: Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 14

Batman Of The Future: Chaos In Gotham City

Oh dear. Things have gone pear shaped in Bruce Wayne's home town and now it's war!

Bruce Wayne is just looking forward to a nice cup of cocoa and a quiet night in when what happens? The Joker only sticks his hideous transvestite face in the picture again! Of course, the whole of Gotham City is plunged into turmoil, leaving the core group of Batman, Robin, Batgirl and, of course, Alred to fight against the cream of supervillainy, including Penguin, Poison Ivy and old green hair himself.

Where Is The Batman?

This looks like a mind-numbingly typical scrolling platformer. Got a good licence for your game? Take the main charater and let them meander across the screen, avoiding spikes and riding magically moving platforms until they manage to reach the far right, or collect a hundred jewels. At least, that's how this game looks at first.

Batman: Chaos in Gotham

As you continue on your journey, you find that, just as the plot has sick twists and turns, the gameplay evolves as well! As well as the usual scrolling boredom, you get to use different weapons as different characters, plus the option to drive around in the Batmobile in an aerial view, villain-chasing spree, race around on Batgirl's motorbike and take on all the villains in combat.

At Home Washing His Tights!

Combine these ideas with grainy but generally very pleasing graphics, plus some atmospheric tunes from the gothic type series, with all the usual UbiKey options, and you've got a bat-compendium to be rather proud of. Who said the future is always full of improvements, eh? It's got to be said that Chaos In Gotham City is streets ahead of Batman Of The Future.


Graphics 80% A great impression.

Batman: Chaos in Gotham

Sound 80% Very atmospheric!

Playability 60% Changeable.

Lastability 60% Has UbiKey options!

Overall 83% A Batman adventure with good bits!