Amstrad Action


Author: Bob Wade
Publisher: Ocean
Machine: Amstrad 6128/PCW

Published in Amstrad Action #11


It's hard to believe I know but the classic Batman has been converted for the PCW machines. It's the first real arcade game to make the transition, but others look set to follow the same path, and they'll have a lot to live up to.

The game is exactly the same as on the CPC machines, but naturally there are two big features about the machine that affect play. The first is the current lack of a joystick interface, although this may soon be remedied, and the second is that it has to be played on a green screen. Fortunately neither of these should detract much from the game because the fantastic puzzles and addictive action are still there. It's a shame to miss all those lovely colours but the screen design is still very attractive.

For those of you who don't already know about the game it's a 130 screen arcade adventure in 'isometric' 3D. It stars just one of the dynamic duo as he searches the bat cave for four pieces of equipment and the seven parts of the batmobile. A full review appeared in our May issue (No.8) and suffice it to say the game has lost none of its appeal. Please note that the ratings we've given here reflect on the capabilities of the PCW's and therefore the sound rating is more for effort than quality and the lack of colour graphics does not detract from the rating.


This may be the first arcade game for the PCW machines but it's certainly going to be hard to beat for quality in the future. Indeed, PCW owners will have to be careful that they don't get too hooked and forget what the machine was originally intended for. Far from being the 'business-only' machine in Amstrad's range, the PCWs could join the CPC range as being "family" machines.

Second Opinion

Amazing stuff - one of the Amstrad's greatest games, now showing on a Joyce near you. Hear that sound, look at those graphics, marvel at the achievement!

Good News

P. Over 150 locations.
P. Beautifully designed screens with lots of variety.
P. Really wicked puzzles to solve.
P. Nice touches of humour.
P. The first arcade game for the PCW's.

Bad News

N. It's a real shame it's only in green.

Bob Wade

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