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Paragon Publishing

Barbie: Ocean Discovery
By Mattel
Game Boy Color

Published in Total Game Boy Issue 07

The plastic fantastic doll now graces the Game Boy

Barbie: Ocean Discovery

She comes in many guises, is over 40 years old and looks totally fabulous; and now the lady who could put Barbara Cartland's pink fetish to shame is appearing in her own game on the Game Boy Color.

In this underwater adventure you have to guide Scuba Barbie through Coral Reefs, shipwrecks and sunken crystal cities in search of treasure and jewellery. To get these items you have to travel around the totally free roaming areas and find shells which will lead you to mini-games - if you are successful you get the prize. Simple.

Being a Barbie game, you'd expect it to be a bit fluffy - and it is; there are no enemies to kill, nothing can kill you and the only dangerous feat you have to overcome is trying to drop cannon balls into a barrel.

Consider yourself forewarned - the gameplay is simple. However, the puzzles do get slightly more difficult when you return to get more gems to fill up the plastic doll's jewellery box. Barbie: Ocean Discovery is definitely for the younger and (without meaning to be sexist) female gaming community. Boys and anyone over twelve years old will find themselves a little bit bored - so step aside and let your kid sister have a go.

Second Opinion

It's you're a person of the male kind - steer well clear of this game. But then, you obviously would, wouldn't you? If you're a girl, however, you'll find this the perfect Game Boy Color adventure.

It's not too taxing on the gameplay front - in fact, it's exactly the opposite. Even your blind granny could complete this with little effort.


Graphics 40%
Simple but pretty.

Sound 20%
Nothing special.

Playability 80%
Dead easy for the youngsters.

Lastability 60%
Older players will finish too quickly.

Overall 50%
Not enough variety. You'll soon get bored!