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Bar Billiards
By Blue Ribbon

Published in Computer Gamer #26

Bar Billiards

This game is a bit unusual. We've had snooker and billiards but this is the first bar billiards game I can recall. For those who don't spend their lives in pubs, bar billiards is an infuriatingly difficult game with small skittles/pegs on the table as well as a selection of potting holes. Balls must be potted, skittles must not be knocked over. Difficult, eh?

The game does not do anything spectacular as far as the control of speed and direction are concerned. It is fairly standard stuff, but the presentation of the table is neat and clean. One or two player option and a simple on-screen display are nice touches too.

However, at the end of the day, how you respond to this game will depend on personal taste. For what it is, the game performs well, but how many people want a standard bar billiards game is another matter. Much as I enjoyed playing around with it, I don't think this is a game I would return to very often.