Computer Gamer


Publisher: Activision
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Computer Gamer #14


Ballblazer is the sport of the future. It's fast action has thrilled the galaxy for eons and now at last Spectrum owners can join in the fun.

Ballblazer is a surprisingly simple game played between two competitors (at least one human) who pilot their rotofoils around the curved playing surface in an attempt to score points by firing the plasmorb (ball) through the opponent's goal.

This isn't going to be easy as the plasmorb is fired into the area at high speed in between the two rotofoils travelling on a collision course. Should you manage to break free, you can try a shot at goal. Unfortunately this also moves following a path along the baseline.


Now the big decision, do you make sure from close range and score only one point or do you try from a distance for two points or even attempt an 'over the horizon' shot for three.

The early points are crucial as Ballblazer gets even harder as the game goes on as the goals get smaller every time you score - so make those early shots count.

Ballblazer was originally released for the Atari and was followed by a C64 version and now finally two Spectrum versions.

The standard 48K version is a good likeness of the original but has sacrificed some of the pretty graphics to retain the speed and it even tries to bleat out the addictive theme known to all ballblazers which is improved dramatically on the 128K version.

A good conversion of an excellent game.