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Home Computing Weekly

Backpackers' Guide To The Universe
By Fantasy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

This tape is a rather odd mixture. Side one contains a guide to some of the more exotic fauna of the universe - a dozen assorted creatures with strange names and stranger habits - which is nicely presented with good graphics and scrolling text. Once you have studied this and absorbed the major facts about each creature, you can go on to the game on side two.

Here you control Ziggy the intrepid backpacker as he explores the caverns of exile on the planet Thallis, collecting all the creatures he will need to help in his mission to prevent the evil Scarthax from putting the Great Plug on the universe.

Many of the passages contain objects which Ziggy can collect and use to assist him. Making good use of these requires considerably experimentation. The caverns are infested by ring-wraiths, which sap Ziggy's strength unless they are deflected by his flame-thrower. There's a time-limit within which this part of the mission must be completed.

Just flying Ziggy through the caves is quite fun, but playing the game seriously will require a lot of time and dedication.