Atari Smash Hits Volume 5
By English
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Computer & Video Games #61

Atari Smash Hits Volume 5

English Software continues its recycling of its back catalogue of games. My verdict on this latest offering is that three out of four aren't bad.

The package includes Mediator, Quasimodo, Chop Suey and Elektra Glide.

Let's deal with the one I can't get on with first - Mediator.

When I first reviewed this, I complained that I just couldn't get anywhere with the game. The idea is to find the Good Mediator and a time crystal to prevent a nuclear holocaust. I still can't get on with it but if you do write and say what happens, I'm vaguely interested.

Elektraglide. This is a graphically excellent high speed race action with extra hazards such as bouncing balls and spinning cubes. The scrolling is very fast and smooth, and the gameplay addictive.

Chop Suey. Eight levels of martial arts mayhem with a slow or fast option to add a little spice. Both fighters have pretty much the standard range of punches, kicks, somersaults, etc, and the score is based on how well you fight, whether the move is defensive or offensive.

Quasimodo. This is probably the oldest of the games here. If my memory serves me well I think it was previously released by US Gold. Poor Old Quasi has been accused of stealing precious royal jewels and everybody is out to get him. To prove his innocent he must find the jewels. But meanwhile all the good citizens are out to get him.

There are only three levels to the game but nevertheless, it's still very playable. Graphically, it's not brilliant though.