Computer Gamer

Atari Smash Hits
By English
Atari 400/800/600XL/800XL/130XE

Published in Computer Gamer #2

Atari Smash Hits

English Software could well have hit onto a good idea with these compilation tapes, especially for the price. On the first tape there is Jet Boot Jack, which is one of the better games from this company. The idea is to eat musical notes on different levels using lifts and avoiding bugs before your energy runs out.

Dan Strikes Back is along the lines of a mushroom eating pac-man except that you can't defend yourself against the nasties, only avoid them.

Hyperblast is a typical shoot-'em-up game which, even though the idea's unoriginal, is well programmed.

Captain Sticky wants chewing gum so you have to dive to the mines to get it. Not seat-gripping stuff but good for a giggle.

Firefleet is a vertical scrolling game where you have to navigate through tight tunnels with lots of guns and obstacles and I must admit I didn't get very far. If you like a challenge, I strongly recommend that you try this one.

On the second tape there is Jet Boot Jack (again) followed by Stranded, an adventure game where you are stranded on a planet. If you ask for help when you get lost in the forest the computer comes out with "its tree-mendous around here, isn't it?" Enough said.

Diamonds is a digging game which seem to be the rage at the moment.

Robin Hood definitely hasn't got what it takes to be top of the arcade but it's another that I would put in the category of good for a giggle.

Citadel Warrior is a reasonably interesting game but watch your fuel level, your tank drinks like a fish.

At the beginning of number three, yes you guessed, Jet Boot Jack again.

Airstrike 2 definitely has the scramble touch but the graphics are well done and it's a good, fast reaction game.

Batty Builders is a relatively simple game in which you have to catch bricks falling off the conveyor belt and thrown them onto your own wall. This is reasonably easy but if they don't land on target, it proves to be annoying, so you need a good aim.

Breath Of The Dragon is a previously unreleased title which is a sort of graphics adventure. The man, if handled right, can be acrobatic and he needs to avoid rocks on the floor, vultures, dragons and a few other nasties. This game should please both mild adventurers and reaction gamers alike. All in all, one of the best games on the three tapes.

Neptune's Daughter lacks a bit in the graphics department and I found that I got bored with it. But each to his own.

Overall, the tapes are good value for money - even if you only want two or three of the titles, but if you like all five you have got yourself a real bargain.