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Amstrad Action

Astro Plumber
By Blue Ribbon
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #6

Astro Plumber

It's tough enough trying to get a good plumber here on earth, but when you've got a load of leaks in the air pipes on the moon, you can expect at least a three year delay and an awful lot of overtime payments. However, since you are the plumber, the job is merely being done out of the goodness of your heart and an overwhelming desire to play video games.

The leaking pipes on the moon are contained within four screens of caverns, each one patrolled by alien monsters and connected up by ladders, corridors and teleport pads. The plumber starts on the surface of the moon where air tanks replenish his supply of oxygen. This runs out at a fairly rapid rate so that frequent trips are needed since running out of air ends the game. There are tanks on the surface on all four horizontally arranged screens but overfilling the plumber's tanks will also result in the loss of a life.

The leaks are always in the pipes above the corridors, so that they are sealed by firing a laser upwards at them. Unfortunately, this can't be used on the alien inhabitants, who just have to be avoided. They move up and down the corridors, killing you on contact, but some can be flown over using your jet pack. The laser and the jet pack are both supplied by fuel and this is another thing that will end the game if it runs out. Thus, losing all your oxygen, fuel or lives all end the game.

Once all the leaks on one screen are sealed, the air pressure of the colony goes up and a bonus life is awarded. However, if you leave a screen before sealing all the leaks they will all reappear when the plumber returns to the screen. If pressure reaches maximum, the game starts all over again, only faster.

The game itself is pretty tough with the speed at which the air runs out being the meanest obstacle to cope with. this particular plumber may take a long white to get the job done so don't hold your breath waiting for someone to repair the loos on the space shuttle!

Second Opinion

Best of the Blue Ribbon bunch by a long chalk. The gameplay offers a few challenges, the graphics are reasonable and the whole thing is pretty jolly.

Good News

P. Four very tough screens to complete.
P. Plenty to keep an eye on and cope with.
P. Oxygen runs out too fast for my liking.

Bad News

N. Keys only play.
N. Despite difficulty, four screens isn't a lot.
N. Really yucky sound effects.