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Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Crash #89

Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh

The Break Out game style has got to be one of the most cloned ever. Arkanoid put it on the map, though, and this is the sequel to the Spectrum classic. There is a storyline but it's pointless, and besides, there can't be anyone out there who hasn't played a game like this once in their life. However, nothing can beat this excellent version - it's smart!

The slick presentation and graphics make Doh instantly attractive. What makes the gameplay so special is the variety of icons you can collect: some provide mega-weapons and others have an effect on your bat, doubling the speed or slowing everything right down.

The first few screens are quite simple to complete, it's when you advance to later levels you need sedation tablets to prevent your head exploding! Things can get very frustrating indeed!

Arkanoid: Revenge Of Doh is the best "Break Out" game ever - it can't be bettered [Dangerous to say, Nick! - Ed]. No Spectrum software collection is complete without this game so get it (if you haven't already!).