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Arcade 3 Games Compilation
By Clares Micro Supplies
Archimedes A3000

Published in A&B Computing 6.10

Arcade 3 Games Compilation

Well here is an honest, workmanlike set of arcade games, though they receive nought out of ten for originality. You get three on one disc. Zarkon Invasion is a very fast spacecraft shoot-'em-up which I find hard to comment on since I have yet survive the action for more than five seconds. I am, however, aware that many youngsters are much better at this kind of thing than I am. Bounce-A-Ball involves the familiar theme of hitting a ball at an ever-descending horizontal wall of bricks. This version again requires very fast reactions and is hopelessly unplayable for me.

The one game that I found I could play was Mazey Man which is yet another variant on the Pac-Man classic. After a sluggish first level, the speed of play doubles on subsequent levels whilst remaining quite playable and with smooth animation. The graphics are much better defined than on the BBC versions I have seen and played, but there are disappointing features also. In particular, the use of music and sound effects is very weak and there are no fruit to gobble for bonuses as in the original and most other copies.

If you have young arcade game freaks in the house with lightning reactions, then I suppose this collection provides fair value for money. Not for the over 16s.

Jonathan Evans

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