Your Sinclair


Author: Marcus Berkmann
Publisher: Players
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #17


Players has chosen to saddle its latest game with this unpronouncable and rather forgettable name. It's a pity, because the game is anything but forgettable.

Anfractuos is an old-fashioned arcade-adventure in the Dynamite Dan mould. With your little robot, you float about the screen, avoiding the meanies moving through a surprisingly tricky maze of tunnels. You're stuck in an abandoned mine on the planetoid Anfractuos, and to escape you must collect eight fuel cans which'll enable your shuttle to blast to safety. The cans are hidden randomly, and usually in the most inaccessible little crannies.

Confusing the issue are various one-way lifts which often lead to dead ends, leaving you with no choice but to abort. You have four lives, but there are power points around the place to pep you up, although naturally they too seem to be in the most awkward of places.

Still, that's part of the challenge of the arcade-adventure - sorting out where to go, and remembering once you've worked it out. Once you've found your eight fuel cans, you must disable four switches scattered about the place, and then it's a race against time to get back to your shuttle and lift off to safety.

It's a good little game, even if some of the coding seems a little rushed at times. But I like it, and if you remember 1984, you might like it too!

Marcus Berkmann

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