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American Tag Team Wrestling
By Zeppelin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #85

American Tag Team Wrestling

Wrestling games are crap. There you are, I've said it. Rock 'n' Wrestle was crap. WWF Wrestlemania was crap, and American Tag Team Wrestling is crap. Forget the sport sim nonsense, wrestling games are just beat-'em-ups where you can't go anywhere. Very poor - and I'll gladly go eight rounds with anyone who says otherwise.

But a good game of a crap type is better than a crap game of a good type [What? - Ed] so let's get constructive: Tag Team Wrestling puts you in control of a pair of reprobates in leotards, only one of which can be in the ring at any one time (none of that cheating two-against-one-when-the-refs-back-is-turned nonsense here, folks). Each wrestler has an energy bar, which drops as they take damage and rises as they rest.

When your energy reaches zero, the opponent can pin you if you're knocked to the floor. If they can hold you down for a count of three, you're history. So you've probably worked out one of the main tactics already: when your chap's energy gets low, run to your corner to tag in his (altogether healthier) chum. That way you'll last longer.

Right, so what are the negative points? Firstly, two-player games go on for ever and ever and ever. If no-one's won after three two-minute rounds, there's a re-match. The only way to win is to hold the opponent down for a count of three. In two player games everyone gets up at the one or two count. So annoying!

Secondly, the computer opponents are complete cowards. You have to chase them round and round the ring to try and get a shot in. Stand in the middle and wait for the opponent to join you and you'll be waiting an awfully long time. He just zig-zags round the perimeter, keeping well out of your way. The yellow-bellied son of a porcupine's milk-maid.

OK, so what are the positive points? Well, there's a nice range of fighting moves and the 'tag team' element does add something (but not much!) to the usual wrestling gameplay. American Tag Team Wrestling is just about on a par with WWF, and it's a whole lot cheaper...

Games like this are loads more fun in two-player mode. Even though the contest drags on for ages before anyone wins, you'll have big fun beating and bashing your human opponent. Just don't take it too seriously, OK? And remember: wrestling games are crap.


Graphics 73%
Decent enough graphics. It's easy to see what's going on, though the sprites are a bit blocky.

Sonics 67%
Typical computer noises. 'Dutsch', 'Pwuyuuu' 'Beeeee' 'Schhwu'. Do I need to spell it out?

Grab Factor 82%
Wrestling is ultra pop at the moment, and Tag Team looks and plays as smooth as WWF.

Staying Power 58%
It soon gets very boring though. The two-player mode has potential, the solo mode will last a week.

Overall 74%
American Tag Team Wrestling is a reasonable enough game. It's no long termer, but it's fun.

Adam Peters

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