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Alternative World Games
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #55

Alternative World Games

With the ultra-serious Olympic Games just around the corner, Gremlin have decided that a little fun is in order. Alternative World Games is a spoof on sport itself and includes eight comical events.

On loading, the screen shows a parrot next to an old gramophone. The player can choose to compete for any of eight countries; the parrot then puts on a record which plays a tune associated with that nation. Up to eight players can compete, with only two playing at the same time.

The game selection screen contains a video recorder with nine monitors. Eight screens represent the events while the ninth contains an option to compete or practise. Having been chosen, the event is loaded in from the tape.

Event number one is the Sack Race in which the player must move from left to right avoiding the manholes.

The second event involves balancing a pile of plates. The fewer plates dropped, the higher your final score.

Next comes the Boot Throwing contest. The player must swing a boot round and round, then throw it as far as possible. You can select an empty or a water-filled toot; the full boot can travel farther but tires the player out faster.

Grab your vaulting pole and it's on to the River Jump. You've hardly got time to catch your breath before you're trying to collect a bottle of champagne in the Pole Climbing contest.

Event six involves a Run Up The Wall carrying a hat, and is followed by a Pillow Fight in which you attempt to knock your opponent into the water.

In the final event, you must pogo around the course, within a given time limit, bursting balloons along the way.


Joysticks: Cursor, Kempston, Sinclair
Graphics: detailed backdrops, with slightly blocky and jerkily animated sprites
Sound: jolly loading tune and with a different tune for each country and event. Raspy in-game spot effects
Options: compete or practise the events in any order as the representative of any of eight countries

Nick ... 88%

'Alternative World Games seems to be just one big muitiload! All you do is load in one event, play it and load in another (even on the 128K!). The game is excellently presented, though, with animated parrots, country selections and a whole host of different tunes which improve when you start to play. Alternative World Games' strongest point is its variety. Every event is like a new game and, with eight to choose from, you can't lose. A particular favourite of mine is the Pile of Plates - you have to wobble along the ground, balancing as many plates as you can carry. I love the way they all crash to the floor - to your utter horror! Alternative World Games may not be graphically perfect, but it's worth buying even if it's just for the tunes!'

Phil ... 84%

'It's good to see a light-hearted sports game for a change and Alternative World Games contains some very offbeat events. The country selection screen shows a large, well-animated parrot; I love the way he picks up a record with his beak and puts on the gramophone. The many tunes (different ones for each nation and event) really liven up the action. Each event is well presented with colourful backgrounds and smoothly animated characters. Unfortunately, some of the events are a little lacking in content - you sometimes spend more time waiting for an event to load, than actually playing it. However, with eight games in one, you get good value for money. Alternative World Games is a worthwhile package which should appeal to all but the most serious sports buffs.'

Mark ... 82%

'Following a string of serious sports games, mainly from the Epyx stable, it's nice to see Gremlin releasing a game with such silly events as Boot Throwing, Pole Climbing, Plate Balancing and Pogoing. The graphics are detailed, with large monochromatic sprites wobbling around the screen as they compete in some of the strangest sporting events you'll ever see. I spent a lot of time tearing my hair out because of the annoyingly long wait the player has to suffer between multi-loaded events. However, most of the events are worth the effort especially the plate balancing, which has the poor competitor teetering beneath a huge pile crockery. Take a look - Alternative World Games certainly makes a change from the usual run-of-the-mill examples of the genre.'

Phil KingMark CaswellNick Roberts

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