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All Or Nothing
By Abbex Electronics
Spectrum 48K

Published in Big K #9

All Or Nothing

Everyone's hitting the graphic adventure bandwagon these days. All Or Nothing goes for the espionage theme. You are attempting to get hold of the secret files from a heavily guarded enemy camp. Various useful objects are strewn around, and a graphic inventory shows you what you've got.

The problem is the guards. Although they seem to possess roughly the same level of intelligence as their dogs, there are plenty of time, and they carry guns. They can, however, be bribed, gassed, or shot. I wasn't too successful at any of these options and spent most of my time running up and down frantically.

3D Graphics, say Abbex. Well, I'm not so sure I'd call them that. Since all motion is in one plane, it looks pretty two-dimensional to me. You can run behind the sheds though, so perhaps it's a bit 3D. Control is through the cursor keys or joystick, and you get prompted for special options like picking things up.

There's also compatibility with the Currah speech unit, but I can't comment on that 'coz ours don't work!