Big K

Airstrike 2
By English
Atari 400/800/XL

Published in Big K #2

Airstrike 2

Extremely difficult successor to Airstrike 1 - basically, a very pretty Scramble-type game where you fly a heavily armed ship down a series of labyrinthine tunnels in order to reach your ultimate goal, a kind of alien oil-rig. This you then attempt to blow away in the usual style.

Excellent use has been made of the Atari 800's considerable graphics, and the by now common device of a movement window within the horizontal scroll allows you a certain freedom of movement. A very nice touch indeed is the provision of subterranean and overhead branches off the main tunnel... though actually getting the ship to negotiate the entrance to any one of these taxed the abilities of even the most gung-ho office denizens to the utmost (i.e. we failed to do it even once).

As it stands, probably English Software's best title; though it would be nice if Airstrike 3 (if there is one!) could manage true bi-directional scrolling a la Defender.