Big K

Airstrike 2
By English
Atari 400/800/XL

Published in Big K #9

Airstrike 2

Score plenty for technique, S. A. Riding, whoever you are - a lot less, if anything, for originality, and absolute zero for style.

The concept of Airstrike 2 is far from new (Cobra and others). You guide your fighter through five scrolling sectors, bristling with rockets, missiles, aerial mines, interceptors and the like, destroying everything you can.

There's a new problem, usually several every moment, on top of which you have to worry about fuel and ammo which you pick up in that standard, but nonetheless weird computer game way by bombing appropriate depots.

Airstrike 2

Your missiles are joystick fire button operated, and you can drop bombs either by tapping the space bar or, having typed 't', by "tipping the joystick forward slightly as you fire missiles". Oh, yeah? I should cocoa.

The game is crammed with hazards and options and would take a while to master, but sooner you than me, pal, because it's a real eyesore.

The landscaping is low low-res, the 32K version's radar scan is utterly useless and it's next to impossible to make out the scores and status reports. It may be very clever, but it's a terrible looking game, and I, for one, spend too much time in front of a VDU to want to have to look at something this ugly.