Home Computing Weekly

Airstrike 2
By English
Atari 400/800/XL

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

Airstrike 2 follows the usual Airstrike pattern - that of a horizontally scrolled cavern filled with fuel dumps and nasties, through which the player navigates his Mark X fighter demolishing as much of the opposition as he can en route.

Although the Mark X is well-armed with missiles and bombs, it has a lot to contend with. Enemy mines and missiles are plentiful; and with limited fighter ordnance, fuel and munitions dumps are essential targets for replenishing on-board supplies.

You are given the option when starting of pressing the "T" key for combined missile and bomb discharge capability - otherwise, the instructions say, the space bar must be pressed to release your bomb-load. I found the program defaulted to the "T" option in any event.

A one- or two-player game, Airstrike 2 is a good example of its kind. The graphics are nicely detailed and well complemented by colour. If you haven't tired of the idea, Airstrike 2 should satisfy your appetite for quite a while.


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