Amstrad Action


Publisher: CRL
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1


Old timers will remember the days of left, right and fire, and this is a version of those early favourites. You are the lone pilot battling waves of aliens deep in space as they head for your home planet.

The aliens come in 18 waves and each one I've seen follows a different movement pattern at quite a fast pace. Your laser base moves left and right at the bottom of the screen and is equipped with a rapid fire laser and a shield to protect you from the enemy's fire.

After every three waves you have to dock with a supply vessel to replenish your fuel. This is consumed by movement and using your shield. Running out of fuel or being hit by the aliens will destroy one of your three bases. Your other major problem is that if the laser overheats it will stop firing until it cools down.

Good News

P. Fast, difficult action.
P. Plenty of different waves.
P. Won't tax the brain.

Bad News

N. Dated game concept.
N. Flickery graphics when aliens overlap.
N. Can become frustrating.
N. Attack patterns fairly uninteresting.
N. Won't tax the brain.