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Home Computing Weekly

Advance To Mayfair
By Amazing Games
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #82

Advance To Mayfair is a computer game which has similarities to the board game Monopoly.

You take on the computer, and as you move around the board, you can buy property. If you land on the computer's property, you must pay rent - and vice versa. If you own a complete set of properties you can build houses or hotels which increase the rent.

However, this isn't a complete implementation - you can't trade or auction property with the computer and you can't sell back houses or hotels.

Advance To Mayfair seems poorly written - the screen display is dreary, no part of the board is shown, the program is slow, when you want to buy houses or hotels you aren't reminded which sets you have... If you mortgage property you aren't told which property you have - and the names must be typed in full! Not all inputs are properly error-trapped.

The computer seemed to buy up all property in sight - my usual policy although I tended to buy houses gradually.

Amazing Games have transformed an excellent board game into a very boring computer game - not recommended.


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