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By Bevan Technology

Published in Computer & Video Games #48


Your mission: to save planet Earth from an infestation of assorted mutants. Yes, upon you, brave young cadet Shiff Loc, depends the fate of the civilised universe. Only you can clear the Aabatron Central Planet Control of "mean Puon aliens", armed with nothing but your trusty blaster buggy. Unless you can get hold of the rapid-fire machine gun, that is.

This is an entertaining version of the old maze games, where each location consists of differently arranged rooms around which you move up, down, left and right, blasting the various nasties inhabiting the place. You have to watch out how you zap them - some of them act as protection from the flak of the more active baddies.

There are twenty different screens altogether, and eight aliens, including the ubiquitous Rammers and Invulnos (who turn up in Bevan Technology's One Last Game), Harkers, Captives, Vilox and Nogrobs.

One thing I didn't like was the unpleasant flickery movement of the graphics which marred an otherwise polished display.