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A Question Of Sport
By Superior/Acornsoft
BBC B/B+/Master 128

Published in The Micro User 7.01

You may confer...

When you run this program, brought to you courtesy of Elite Systems, you are greeted by the lifelike sketches of David, Bill and Ian and take the part of one of the latter two. Next you choose your specialist subject or opt for minor sports and choose two team members from a board of graphic interpretations of digitised faces.

As in the original TV game, there are six rounds: Picture Board Mystery Personality, Home or Away, What Happened Next, Quickfire and then back to the Picture Board to round off. I expected the Picture Board to be similar to the television, but instead when you select one square it flips over to reveal an icon representing a sport.

After this a stream of text, moving through a speech bubble over Mr. Coleman's head, asks you a multiple-choice question related to the icon. Get it wrong or run out of time and it is passed over to the opposition. If they also get it wrong you still aren't told the correct answer. Fair enough, as you might get asked this again, but very irritating if you were sure you were right.

The Mystery Personality section is the same in name only. You are given three statements about aperson. Three points are for getting it on the first try. two on the second and so on. If you answer incorrectly it's passed to the other team regardless of whether you have more clues to go.

The third round tests everyone's specialist knowledge in Home or Away and the fourth gives you a description of the circumstances and you must reveal what happened next.

The penultimate round is the Quickfire with nine questions to answer in the time limit. The first person to select an answer stops the clock and. as in all the sections, you get two points for acorrect answer. One is awarded if you correctly answer aquestion which is passed over to you from the other team.

Finally it is back to the Picture Board to finish the remaining squares.

If you like testing your own knowledge and enjoy all sorts of sport you will like this one. Possibly one for all the family.

Jo Giles