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A Question Of Sport
By Superior/Acornsoft
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #080

BBC Television's A Question Of Sport is hosted by David Cameron and involves two teams of sporting 'personalities'. The BBC Micro version of the TV quiz is a ragged simulation, and during the six rounds it features all the famous events used in the real life game.

The game is text-based, but there are twelve small portraits of possible team players, and one of your first tasks is to select two of them for your side. Then the computer or your opponent does the same, and after a couple of minor questions concerning your most knowledgeable sport, the game begins. David Coleman introduces it just like on TV, only with a scrolling speech bubble. The first round is entitled 'The Pictureboard', and selection of a square reveals an icon to represent a certain sport, and this determines the subject on which the subsequent question is asked.

The questions themselves are all multiple-choice and 'spoken' by David in more scrolling speech bubbles. When he's said his bit you have almost six seconds to answer - it takes almost this long to read the choices so it's a case of you either know it or you don't. The latter was most common for me, so after an unsuccessful guess the question is passed over to the other team. One thing I didn't like: correct answers aren't given when both teams fail.

I'm not the world's greatest sports genius, but I was surprised to find I doubled the computer's score in my first game. This suggested to me that it wasn't too good either. If you do buy the game, you will probably get more amusement out of it if you play against a friend. The game isn't very exciting, but it can be good fun if you know some answers. A Question Of Sport should attract the sports fans.

Sam Greenhill

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