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3D Munchy/Hangman
By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

While I waited for the game to load, I read the instructions.

Move Munchy around munching the pills and scoring points until the maze is empty or your time runs out. You must avoid four monsters who will destroy you. Arrrgh!! This cannot possibly be, just cannot be, just when I thought I would never see another rip off of Pacman!

Well, actually, 3D Munchy is not a straight copy of the arcade classic. As you might have guessed from the usual plan view. Also, the monsters are rather more devious than their arcade counterparts. They have evolved to dig holes at frequent intervals. Obviously, you cannot go over these and this makes it much more difficult to munch up all the pills in order to clear a screen.

Luckily, Munchy himself is a little smarter than the yellow Pizza man since he has learned to use a shovel! Unfortunately, a shovel cannot be used more than once and you start off with just three shovels, the number increasing with each screen cleared. To make retaliation slightly easier, there are four power pills as in the original.

There is also a version of Hangman on this cassette. The instructions on the inlay card explains that normal rules apply and the game itself is well written and has good graphics.

The games are good fun but not exceptional. However, two reasonably good games for the price of a quarter of a game can't be bad!


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