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3D Dotty
By Blue Ribbon

Published in Electron User 5.09

3d Dotty is a simple game in which your aim is to eat all of the dots on a screen. Success will take you through a series of eight rooms, similar in style, but of increasing complexity. Each screen consists of three large platforms drawn in 3D perspective. The higher platforms are supported on substantial pillars and this creates the first difficulty in eating all of the dots as some of them are behind pillars and can't be seen.

There are even some junctions behind pillars and these are quite a problem to negotiate. The levels are linked by ladders.

Your main problem is to avoid the fungus, which appears as a fast moving but rather shapeless snake. Contact with this nasty substance causes a very rapid loss of energy and a fairly swift loss of life.

Fortunately, you can drop anti-fungal barriers behind you, which will force it to chase you via a different route giving you a short breather. These barriers last for a few seconds and you can have up to three on a screen at a time.

The game's graphics are adequate, and I like the 3D effect, but the main character is rather small, and I am sure the fungus could have been made more interesting.

The sound is about par for this type of game. If you like persistent footstep beeps then it's fine. If not you can select the silent play option. Keyboard or joystick options can be chosen at the start of each game.

3d Dotty is a quite a good budget-priced game with nice graphics, fast gameplay and it is fun to play. But for me, it lacks that compulsive edge that keeps me coming back for more. But at just £1.99 you can't really go wrong, and it has got to be worth a try.

Rog Frost

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