Computer Gamer

3D Slime

Publisher: Datalink
Machine: Sinclair QL

Published in Computer Gamer #14

3D Slime

You are a lump of gooey slime. Not only that, you are also green, corrosive and from Vega.

You have been captured by a nasty piece of work called Rorick and forced to enter the Robocity and attempt to steal the Master's Purple Pyramids.

Luckily the game is a lot better than the plot and is a hybrid of Marble Madness meets the Pacmen.

The game consists of a number of screens consisting of slopes and narrow ledges along which lies purple dots that you must flop on. Flopping is basically all slime can go but it does do it very well. Indeed, once you get skilled at it, you can even flop completely over the giant balls that chase and would otherwise squash you.

Each screen provides an increasing challenge by introducing new courses to contend with and more balls to avoid.

3D Slime is the typical game that gets played addictively in offices when the players should be working. This is something that Datalink have realised as pressing F5 drops you straight into the Megacalc IV spreadsheet, which sits there adding random numbers saving both your game and your job.