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ST Format

By Micro Style
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #5


Earth's warring nations band together to find the common enemy - the Xenos. Yet another horizontally scrolling shoot-'em-up rolls off the electronic presses, but this one has an added ingredient: fun!

Your task is to board an infected space station, rush left and right blasting various green slimy things, avoiding swaying tentacles and collecting useful objects such as bombs, phasers, pistols, and keys, until you've cleared the alien infestation and delivered the station into safety.

You're transported to the first space station, then it's legs into top gear and phaser glowing white hot as you bust a gut for glory.



A myriad of green and scaly creatures appear from cracks in the floor and ceiling, from behind doors and out of cupboards and although they're definitely green and certainly scaly, little else can be said of them.

There's a feeling of deja vu - and that isn't good for a game already struggling to escape the bulging mass of similar games.

A nice effect is that you and a friend can appear in the game at the same time via split screens and attack each other as well as the Xenos.

Sound is consistent and fairly well implemented but nothing to write home to Ma about, comprising the usual stirring soundtrack intro leading to a multitude of gunfire and death rattle spot effects.


Animation is smooth, joystick control responsive, and although the game isn't going to win any prizes, it may well enjoy a little more than the statutory fifteen minutes of fame.

Jerry Glenwright

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