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By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #27


Another original game, this one, but this time well worth the trouble.

The monkeys have kidnapped (roo-napped?) the baby wallaby and you have to help dad (or mum; it's hard to tell) to rescue it. The baby wallaby is held in a cage at the top of the screen. Up and down the sides and along the various levels, ferocious apple core-throwing monkeys roam. These must be avoided as you climb the ladders and hop over the gaps. Fortunately, you are equipped with a powerful punch that can dispatch a monkey very nicely to his death.

Just to add to the excitement there are whole apples to gather on the way to give you extra points. No sooner have you rescued the bouncing baby than the whole palaver starts again in a more tricky jungle clearing.

Wallaby is a delight to play. The graphics are excellent, smooth and cute. The basic idea of climbing ladders and avoiding adversaries isn't new but that doesn't seem to matter. Matilda would have waltzed with joy at this one.

Geoff Bains

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