Commodore User


Author: Fikret Cifici
Publisher: Bubble Bus
Machine: Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #37


The gameplay here is a bit dated and is a matter of going up and down, firing all the time. I've got a tip for you. I was thinking of selling to to Play to Win, but I'm a nice guy and I'll give it to you here. Go right back and hold down fire, jam your joystick somewhere, so that the fire button is down. Now do to sleep, when you've woken up in the morning you can see how well you have done in your sleep. [Nice one, Fikret - Ed]

The top of the screen has a scrolling landscape, which looks a bit strange. On the actual game are lines that come down in a weird way, which goes to explain why they have called the game Trizons - it has three zones, the scrolling background, the lines and the game area. The graphics are average and the aliens look like, well, aliens. As for your ship, I'd say it looks like the Millenium Falcon. It's time to be a superhero (yet again). So hop into your spaceship (yet again), go burning off and blast those nasties into space dust (yet again).

The game is hardly original and I've seen several other games which look very much like it and play the same. That's the problem with shoot ups, it's very difficult to make them look or play differently.


Your spaceship is the great big craft on the left of the screen. It can move in four directions and has autofire, so your trigger finger doesn't get worn out.

The aliens appear from the right-hand side of the screen and just waver about for a while until you let them have it. If you hang around for a few minutes (yes minutes) it will slowly go past you. This is meant to be bad according to the very limited blurb - less than fifty words.

The sound is a bit messy and caused me to reach for the volume control. I suppose the author Richard Clark had to put something in to keep you from falling asleep, although you may have dozed off before the game even began. The loading time is interminably long, which is daft, because there are several fast-loading utilities around now.

I think you've noticed how mindless this is. It's one of those games that you play for one day but then after it's all over - never again. Even at the budget price I wouldn't recommend it.

Now here's another brilliant tip I found out. Put your hand on the right hand side of the computer, search for a little white button. Found it? Pres sit. Dara!! Now all your troubles are over.

Fikret Cifici

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