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Commodore User

By Rainbird
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #41


The Centrepoint complex was originally built on the desolate Zeuzma IV to separate the idle rich from their massive sums of money. Unfortunately, the central computer has been corrupted by mysterious Javan energy rays and organised the complex's police cycloids in a deadly fighting force. Your mission is to lead an assault team to close it down.

This is Rainbird's first attempt at a pure strategy game that it claims will feature an artificially intelligent computer opponent that will battle you in 3D, realtime combat modes on a massive playing area that can support a high number of enemy units.

The playing area is certainly massive consisting of twenty-two linked sectors each containing pathways linked by about 100 nodes! Luckily the map can be magnified and keyed into relevant areas so that you can plan your moves.

You begin your mission with three modified skimmers in three of the four corner sectors. Naturally, your ultimate target is in the centre of the complex and is guarded by thirty-two patrolling, laser firing cycloids.

A quick change into the centre will only produce a quick victory for the computer even though you can beam down a constant supply of reinforcements to keep your Trac force at a maximum of eight skimmers.

Instead you must make slow steady progress by taking the complex, sector

Tony Hetherington

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