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Tomb Of Tarrabash
By Audiogenic
Commodore 16

Published in Commodore User #37

Tomb Of Tarrabash

It quite often happens that one software house decides to bring out a ame to compete directly with a similar game from another house.

What I mean is that Tomb Of Tarrabash is a bit like Ghosts 'N Goblins. When Tomb Of Tarrabash has finished loading, you are confronted by a pretty page with the title written in fancy writing surrounded by some rather well designed stone lions looking on.

Pressing any key sends you into the tombs to go around searching for treasure. Whilst playing I noticed that there was nowhere to head off ground. Great big stone blocks which go up and down can easily turn you into a human pancake.

Tomb Of Tarrabash

The problems are accenuated by the fact that your character plods along slowly. I think it could be due to the screen scrolling away behind you slowly but smoothly. I consult the blurb which calls your character 'Indiana Bloggs'. It doesn't give much away. The best thing I could think of was to explore the tombs. On my travels I noticed there were objects in the way. These took the form of spikes which periodically stab at the sam bulk head lamps stuck on the ceiling. For a lught I head-butted it - surprisingly it turned off. I carried on searching until I came to a dead-end. I turned back and notied the spikes had slowed down. I made my way past it and nutted another of those bulk head lamps. Just as I did this, I noticed that stone block beneath me slow down - so that's the idea of the game. Go around the tombs nutting lights to affect certain areas of the game.

Later on I came across a kind of pond that seemed to be full of acid - you should see what it does to you. It is possible to jump over these but with the joystick you have to yank the stick into the diagonals.

When you manage to get down into the next section of the tomb, you go up a level. This is the only original part of the game. By going down, to go up a level you also gain an extra life - I made it to level three. I'll give you a small tip, to go past the stairs without going up them, go halfway up the stairs and then jump straight up and you will fall down behind it.

The kind programmer has included a feature to the game whereby you can press F1 to go down a tomb, but only if you've been there before.

There are only four levels to the game, so it may have a limited life span. If you fancy going around tombs hunting down treasure then this game would suit you, but otherwise it doesn't have much to offer.

Fikret Cifici

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